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          Welcome to YELUWOOD
          Phone: +86-18653415729 ??? E-mail: postmaster@yeluwood.com? ? ? 簡體中文? ? ?

          專業源于專注? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?+86-18653415729
          No Focused Will, No Professional Skill.

          About Us

          Ningjin County Yelu Wood Co., Ltd.

          Ningjin County Yelu Wood Co., Ltd. in located in Ningjin County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of laminated veneer lumber board, all kinds of plywood, film faced plywood, pine scaffolding board, LVL for bed slats, LVL for door core, OSB board, chipblock board, MDF, biomass pellet fuel and so on.

          LVL BEAM

          LVL Beams


          01. LVL Beams.

          02. LVL Beams

          03. LVL Beams

          04. LVL Beams

          05. LVL Beams

          06. LVL Beams

          07. LVL Beams




          LVL Scaffold boards

          LVL Scaffold boards.

          LVL Scaffold boards

          LVL Scaffold boards.

          LVL Scaffold boards

          LVL Scaffold boards.


          Company News

          Social Networking

          Independent import and export rights, High product quality, good service,make the “YELU” products gain the high praises of domestic and foreign customers, established long-term and stable cooperative relations with enterprises in the Middle East,Japan,South Korea Southeast Asia, Europe, America.

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